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10 Days Until Taking Sides!

June 14, 2016

Taking Sides comes out in just ten freaking days, and I am so excited I could pop a bottle of sparkling raspberry juice. If you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, it’s up on Amazon right now for $.99, and my test readers adore it so I think you will too!

In this sequel to Taking the Bait, our heroine Daria Griffin is split up from her partner (and superhero boyfriend) Nicolai Novik for a new mission in the hinterlands of Montana.

Have you ever driven through Montana? It’s one my favorite states, but it goes on forever. And ever. My goodness, I do admire the mental fortitude of those who live there because that’s a whole lotta empty highway!

Daria’s in rural Montana surveilling ecoterrorists, far away from her boyfriend and stuck with her new agent partner, augmented human Bronson Russi. Handsome, gruff and worldly, Russi might end up showing Daria more than how to catch an ecological crusader or two!

10 more days, my lovelies, and then Taking Sides will take you for a ride.


– Aud

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