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ARC Operatives Book #2 out June 24th: Taking Sides

June 8, 2016

taking sides-tbThe days are heating up, and so is my new book, Taking Sides, the next steamy instalment in the ARC Operatives series. Daria Griffin returns with her next high-stakes mission!

Daria Griffin has completed her first successful mission as a new operative with ARC, and bagged herself a hot new boyfriend in the form of Augmented human, Nicolai Novik. But with ARC’s higher ups taking a dim view of their relationship, her partnership with Nico is getting split up. She’ll be getting a new partner, another Augmented name Bronson. Flung into the rural backroads of Montana with Bronson, will she be able to successfully pull off a new mission with the new guy? And why does Nico hate Bronson so much?

You can go ahead and pre-order it right now on Amazon! I know you’ll love Taking Sides.

– Aud

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